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BIFs and SIFs .com

BIFs and SIFs.com -- For Collectors, By Collectors
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This is a community designed for the professional debt collector. This community is designed for collectors to share funny talk-offs that are overheard, funny stories that a debtor has given to avoid paying a bill, stories of how you got your BIF or SIF, and any other thing that will make your fellow collectors laugh.

In order to maintain compliance with privacy laws, the god damned FDCPA and the GLBA (for those of you who forgot: Grahamm Leach Blily Act) this community is moderated.

*******PLEASE READ**********************************

Not Allowed:

Real Names
Debtor Names
Company Names
Skip Tracing Contacts
Telephone Numbers
Web Sites
Email Addresses
AOL Instant Message Screen Names

Now, of course, if you are PRIVATELY contacted by another Live Journal user OFF this site, that is a different story.

All posts are moderated and none of the above will be allowed.

Post on!